Top 5 Fun and Creative DIY Pet Toys to Make at Home

Regarding a sweet furry friend, we all strive to provide the best care and entertainment at home, including pet toys. The market is flooded with pet toys of different varieties, but the purchase takes a good fraction of your money, which is sometimes not worth it.

To save yourself from the whopping price tags, create DIY pet toys. It is a guarantee that your pet will only notice the difference between the store-bought toys and the DIYs if they play and enjoy them. 

Please remember that DIY includes home products but do not use old and worn-out clothes and pieces such as socks and jeans because the pet will chew on the toy and absorb the body scent, and the pet will then raid the wardrobe and do the same with other clothes. You can get cheap socks and ragged jeans at an affordable price, along with cotton balls if needed.

Here are the top 5 most fun and creative toys you can make at home.


1. Braided Rope Toy

This homemade toy requires one material only, a t-shirt. Just cut the t-shirt into three or four stripes and braid them together, and remember to tie a knot at each end. 

If your pet loves and enjoys playing with the homemade toy, you can take multiple braided toys using the same procedure. Just take different types and colors of T-shirts and cut and braid them, and you can also adjust the thickness according to the pet you own. 

This type of toy is great for pets with sharp teeth. They can chew on it, and you can throw it away once the braided toy becomes useless. 

2. Interactive feather wand

The interactive feather wand is another type of toy that you can easily create at home. Making this toy is super easy and requires not too many items.

Here is a guide on creating this fantastic toy for your pet at home.

Materials you need:

● A sturdy stick that ranges from 12 to 18 inches.

● A string of your choice of length.

● Feathers

● Scissors

● adhesive/glue or hot glue gun


● Prepare the sturdy stick ensuring there are no pointers. Check to see if the post has no splinters and if all surfaces are smooth to play with.

● Take the string and tie one end with the stick. Create two knots so the line stays in one place and does not loosen up while playing.

● Attach the feather or a small ball at the other end. You can attach a pompom or similar item to create an enticing target. 

● Once these steps are done, trim the string to the desired length. Remember that longer lines allow better movement and give space to jump, stalk, and even run for small-sized pets.

● Allow the adhesive or the glue to dry completely before you play with your pet.

3. Whack a mole

No matter what fancy toys you give your pets, you will find them chewing or playing with cardboard boxes or scrapes of clothes at the end of the day. So why not create something out of a cardboard box to keep their interests there?

Foe whack-a-mole, you need an empty cardboard box or take a shoe box, soda box, or another similar box at home. The light box will make cutting more accessible, so try to get one. Next, take a scissor and cut out 4 or 6 holes depending on your box size. Then use a circular toy that can act as a mole in the box. 

If you have nothing for a mole, use some leftover yarns or threads and create a pompom. Secure it with a straw, and you are good to go.


4. Interactive treat ball

This is another fun toy to make at home as a DIY. It will entertain your pet and serve as a reward for all the hard work the pet does while playing. 


● Plastic balls

● Scissors

● treats


● Start by cutting holes in the plastic balls. For this, take a sharp scissor and cut two or three holes. 

● If your ball is more significant, cut more holes for the treats.

● Fill your ball with treats that can roll out while playing.

You can also buy similar balls and use them for treats. This toy is challenging and rewarding, so pets enjoy it a lot. It will keep your pet active and engaged at all times.

5. Stuffed bunnies

It's no wonder that all pets are super snuggly. But these snuggly pets need their toy to snuggle with. All you need is a long sock, some cotton to fill in, and a thread to secure some ends. 

Start by taking a long sock. It can be a printed one or a pain in color. Stuff it with rice or cotton. Then, leave a few inches at one end and tie a ribbon to give a cute look. For the finishing, get a needle and some thread and stitch in the eyes, nose, and other details instead of buttons which can create choking hazards at any point. 

This craft is fun for kids, so get them involved, and it can become an excellent afternoon activity.

To sum up

So there you have some great ideas to create DIY toys for your furry friend. You will have a great time playing and having fun with your pet. And the best part is that you can customize the toys according to your pet's preferences. 

Remember to supervise your pets with DIY toys to ensure they don't accidentally swallow any parts. Also, repair any wear and tear timely and choose pet-friendly materials no matter which toy you are DIY creating at home. 

So get ready to unleash your inner DIY enthusiast and create fun toys for your pet at home.