Top 10 Cat Breeds for Apartment Living: Perfect Companions for Small Spaces

Are you living in a small place like an apartment? And wants the company of a little furry friend! Then you've stumbled upon the perfect guide! Not all cats want perfectly green gardens or big places. Some breeds are perfectly adapted for small living places while staying in good health. This article demonstrates the top 10 cat breeds perfect for apartment living, ensuring peaceful and pleasurable living for you and your feline buddy.

10 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Lifestyle

Keeping your space issue and the health of your cat in view. Below are 10 top breeds of cats that are ideal choices for you in an apartment environment.

1.American Shorthair

American Shorthair is well known for its calm and adaptable nature. These medium-sized fellows love being with their humans making them an excellent choice for small apartment life. They love people but aren't over-clingy. They stay happy with toys and enjoy their own company. They require a good diet as they always stay busy with anything that they find interesting.


The Ragdoll is a captivating breed known for its gentle and affectionate nature. Ragdoll has silky fur and striking blue eyes that makes them more loveable. With their relaxed nature, they are adapted to any environment and coexist harmoniously with other pets. These majestic felines thrive on human companionship and will happily lounge by your side, providing comfort and warmth. They love to cuddle in a human's lap, but if they are bored, they happily roam alongside humans. 

3.British Short hair

British Short hair is an undemanding and adaptable breed making them a nice choice for an apartment lifestyle. Have a friendly round face; these beautiful cats like to be independent. They aren't lap cats; they like to spend most of their time with themselves and stay happy. So, if you have a hectic lifestyle, they are well suited for you.

4.Russian Blue

With blue/grey coats, these cats are very calm and loving. This affectionate, easy-going breed doesn't shed much, making themselves preferable for department life. They avoid strangers and stay happy with the person. They are usually waiting for you at the door when you come home. They like spending time in high places like at doors or over cupboards. They also stay happy by spending some alone time. They are also hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for individuals with allergies.


Siamese are medium-sized, gorgeous cats. Their almond-molded blue eyes make them very attractive. They are also very friendly and vocal. They are known for their vocal personality and distinctive, loud meows. They love being engaged with their owners, and they are also described as "dog-like" due to their loyalty and affection seeking. If you have some free time for them, they are good pet companions for your flat. They can't be happy if they are left alone.

6.Scottish Fold

These small, friendly, and calm Scottish Folds are adaptable to many environments, including apartment lifestyle. Scottish Folds are famous for their unique folded ears, which give them an adorable and distinctive appearance. These cats live near their owners and are sweet and gentle in nature. They are good learners, too; they are known for picking up a few tricks. They are affectionate and can play fetch too.

7.Maine Coon

Maine Coon is also known as "gentle giants," referring to their big size. People think they are unsuitable for small places, but that is untrue. They have a highly friendly nature; despite their size, they adapt well to apartment living and are generally low maintenance. Maine Coon is social, intelligent, friendly, and calm. They love to enjoy their owner's company, but they are also adaptive to living alone time on their own.


If you are seeking a good companion that gives you a lot of attention and stays by your side, then Burmese is a cat for you. They crave constant attention from their owner. Burmese has a sweet, affectionate, and cuddly nature. They stay happy in high social interaction and love to do what their owner is doing. They are also playful, providing endless entertainment. But if they are left alone, they shift towards climbing and activating. So, it's better if you live in a flat because you can continue to interact with them. 


Persian cats have low activity levels and are independent in nature, making them perfect for a busy small apartment lifestyle. They just love to sleep and rest most of the daytime. If they find anything soft and comfortable, they just lay there. That's why they also prefer to stay in their owner's lap. They are gentle-natured and very calm. They are involved in fewer activities and avoid climbing or jumping, which is preferable for smaller places. Persian is also adored due to their fluffy fur. Having luxurious long coats and gentle personalities also requires regular grooming to maintain their coat's beauty.


Well known for their being hairless. These cats are ideal for folks who don't want fur balls hiding in their apartments' nooks. Their hairless appearance may not be for everyone, but their affectionate and outgoing personalities are incredibly endearing. Sphynx loves to be the center of attention, making them pleasant to suit smaller places.

Wrapping Up!

Living in a small apartment shouldn't rip apart the comfort of a companion. The above ten cat breeds are perfect for your specific need for a small place. We should, thanks to their adaptable nature, low activity level, and affectionate nature. Loving furry buddies is adoring, but we must be careful that the place we have selected for them is according to their breed's nature, and the above ten breeds are just suitable for your lifestyle and their nature. With the right cat by your side, your apartment will become a cozy and joyful home for you and your feline companion.